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lich thi đấu euro hôm nay_Czech keeper feels for Marshall after Schick’s ‘touch of genius’

Czech keeper feels for Marshall after Schick’s ‘touch of genius’【lich thi đấu euro hôm nay】:Czech Re

lich thi đấu euro hôm nay

Czech keeper feels for Marshall after Schick’s ‘touch of genius’

lich thi đấu euro hôm nay

Czech Republic goalkeeper Tomas Vaclik on Tuesday expressed sympathy for Scottish counterpart David Marshall who was beaten by a 50-yard shot as the Czechs won Monday’s Euro 2020 opener 2-0.

Czech striker Patrik Schick picked up the ball as it bounced off a team-mate after a shot by Jack Hendry, catching Marshall well off his line to score from just inside the Scottish half.

“I have sympathy for him. I saw the memes on Twitter and Instagram,” Vaclik told reporters as images of Marshall struggling to catch the ball and getting caught in the net went viral on social media.

“In this Euro… the goalkeepers need to stay in this position,” added Vaclik, who is set to leave Sevilla this summer.

“I think he was well placed, also when I saw the angle from behind the goal, the picture from behind the goal, he started to run immediately after the rebound.”

Schick opened the scoring with a header in the first half before offering what Vaclik dubbed “a touch of genius” to seal the Czech win on 52 minutes at Hampden Park.

“Obviously this was an amazing goal from Patrik and I think there was nothing to do for David, it was just an amazing goal,” Vaclik said.

“I think Patrik surprised everyone at the stadium, it was a touch of genius, putting everything together at full speed, looking at the keeper and placing the shot like this.

But Vaclik admitted he had not taken part in the goal celebration in front of a handful of Czech fans on the other side of Hampden.

“Nah. It was too far,” he chuckled.

The Czechs next face Croatia in Group D on Friday before taking on England on June 22.

Czech keeper feels for Marshall after Schick’s ‘touch of genius’

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